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About the Book


A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts, Stories, Quotes and Poems to Help Strengthen, Empower and Encourage You while Working Towards Personal and Professional Success.

Do you have goals and dreams but sometimes find it difficult to take action? Or do you find yourself becoming discouraged or losing motivation while working towards your goals? Or does life happen to get you off track and you never find your way back? Well, you’re not alone! This book was written with you in mind! It contains thoughts, stories, quotes, and poems that will empower you to continue working towards achieving your personal and professional goals despite setbacks.


Here’s what people are saying about the Book:

I S.E.E ME has impacted me on several levels. The stories provided me with insight and encouragement to pursue my dreams.  This book is an easy read and provides real life examples of how to overcome obstacles. If you’re seeking illustrations of high impact stories or just a reason to feel better, I S.E.E. ME is a must read.”  – S. W.

“I S.E.E Me is very good! It motivated me and gave me a boost. I will have to buy a few copies for other people who may need this inspiration in their life.” – T.W.

“Reading I S.E.E Me is like having continuous accessible and encouraging sit-down to coffee, conversations with Carla Jones that anyone can apply to their daily life. She takes everyday situations that sometimes go unspoken or are taken for granted and turns them into life lessons with a gentle, straight forward, down to earth tone. They are lessons that are easy to get while motivational. Ones we can all stand to learn if we are open to self-reflection and supporting others. It is definitely something I will refer to again and again and share with others.” V.J.


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