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About the Author


Carla Jones is very passionate about personal growth and development. Having experienced her own personal and professional life challenges—including the loss of her parents at a young age, divorce, and career change—she understands first-hand the importance of having inspirational words of encouragement and support along the way while achieving your goals. Carla manages a career-coaching program for a nonprofit organization in the DC metro area and teaches career planning as an adjunct professor for a local university. Originally from Newark, New Jersey, and residing in Maryland, Carla holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA from Rutgers University.

Carla’s motivation for writing this book comes as a result of working with so many clients that get discouraged and lose their motivation and confidence along the way while working towards achieving their goals. And while having a coach is great, that person is not readily available all of the time. This book is a perfect portable companion that serves as a resource and reminder to continue moving forward. It’s like having a coach in your pocket!

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